The power of customer journeys, with Acoustic Campaign

There are countless benefits when a brand  makes the jump into advanced marketing automation. One of the big ones we see clients get excited about is being able to build out complex customer journeys and automate them. 

All of a sudden, what seemed impossible is now just a click of a button away. It’s truly liberating for a marketer who has been struggling to piece together disjointed messaging into a succinct customer journey. 

An an example, let’s look at building out effective customer journeys in the Programs interface in Acoustic Campaign.

Programs allow marketers to create both simple or complex customer journeys, which can reference each other and any other behavioural or profile data you wish to use.

What makes this so important to a marketer? 

The Omnichannel Experience

All customer channels can be combined into a single customer journey. Programs removes the issue of siloed channels and allows marketers to provide the all essential Omnichannel experience. In Acoustic, touchpoints in a journey can include email, mobile push, sms, call centre and CRM integration updates as well as profile data updates within Acoustic itself. 

Automation plus Personalisation

Templates are automated but not generic. All the personalisation available in regular mailings, in Acoustic, including dynamic content  are also available in Programs. Meaning an automated message can include highly personalised content based on the available data in the instance. There’s never a good reason to sacrifice personalisation when it comes to automation. 

One Journey, Many Paths

Programs are listening for customers behaviours and using this data to make more than one choice for the journey ahead. One of the more frustrating things for a marketer is when their marketing automation tool only allows one or a limited number of paths in a journey, or is driven by single decision points. This forces the need for multiple campaign setups, or more often leads towards more manual, ad-hoc deployments when a journey is ripe for automation.

For example, by adding multiple path options in an Acoustic program, different decisions can be made for contacts who click on a web link, open an email, meet profile data requirements or a combination of these things. In Acoustic, you can also include A/B testing within a Program by making use of the Percent Split option to work out which content is more effective in your journey.

Plan and Build

Plan your journey offline, and if the data is there to support it,  chances are Programs will be able to make it happen. And if you can’t work it out – just give Purple Square a call to work out a solution for you! Our team have built out more programs in Acoustic Campaign than we can count! 

Customer journeys should be carefully planned, combining business objectives and message optimisation for the best customer experience. Each marketing platform has its own unique way of handling the journey process. Be that in Acoustic, HCL Unica, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Campaign or any other enterprise level marketing automation. The concepts of advanced marketing automation remain consistent across the board but knowing the full capabilities of the product you have inside out, will be the key to how much you can really achieve. 

If you need assistance with Acoustic Campaign Programs or want to learn more about getting the most out of your marketing platform – drop us a line at 

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