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Purple Square CX is a Customer Experience Advisory with a client-first focus, vendor agnosticism, deep technology expertise, and strategic CX knowledge.

We build lasting partnerships with our clients.

CX Advice & Strategy

A CX strategy ensures that you consistently deliver great customer experience.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation streamlines customer engagement by delivering personalised, contextual, timely content.

Customer Data Platforms

CDP’s provide a complete view of your customer data, unlocking its full potential.

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About Us

At Purple Square CX, we specialise in services and solutions that enhance customer experience. Our core offerings centre around CX Advice & Strategy, Marketing Automation and Customer Data Platforms. We build and invest in long-term partnerships with our clients, meeting both short-term, tactical needs and long-term, strategic advice and support.

Explore our comprehensive range of capabilities – from devising strategic plans to enhance your CX, to streamlining the execution of marketing campaigns, and offering expertise in Martech platform implementation and training, we’re here as your trusted resource.

About Purple Square CX
Customer Experience Maturity Assessment CXMA

Unleash your full potential with CXMA

Discover the depth of your organisation’s customer experience maturity with our comprehensive CXMA (Customer Experience Maturity Assessment) survey. Uncover key insights to help guide your path to exceptional customer experience, ensuring that every interaction counts.

Gain exclusive access to organisation-wide reports with insights curated from multiple respondents, ensuring a comprehensive analysis while maintaining respondent anonymity.


“To address internal stakeholder requirements, having an attrition-proof team of audience experts available to us for our daily campaign work is essential. Purple Square provides that.”

Robert Dufton, Audience Management Lead

“We were spending too much time trying to fix the system when really we didn’t have the right skills. Purple Square frees us to focus on our day jobs.”

Declan Boyle, Head of Customer Value

“Bridging the gap between Marketing and Technology with their business acumen and ‘been there, done that’ experience, I’d never hesitate to recommend Purple Square.”

Alex Croker, Campaign Execution Director

“What I like about Purple Square is that I can pick up the phone, ask for their help and the answer is always ‘yes’.”

Emma Street, Head of Technology Group

Our work spans multiple CX, Marketing Automation and CDP technologies, including: