Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

We understand what it takes to deliver successful marketing automation programmes and maximise the return on investment. We do this by creating industry leading processes within your organisation; working collaboratively with your internal and external teams in order to effectively operationalise and optimise your marketing strategy.

Our experienced consultants design and build processes to move between technologies and platforms, minimising outage and downtime. We work closely with you to understand your business and create a tailored plan that meets your unique needs, with risk mitigation at every step.

Whether it’s implementation of a new tool to support your current platform, solution recommendations, design or implementation.

A 360 degree evaluation of your marketing automation system and the business processes that govern it, including: configuration and processes aligned with your strategic vision, knowledge gaps and training needs identified and review of your platform and campaigns to check if they are operating at optimal levels.

We deliver customised training and user adoption programs to ensure your staff are fully equipped to use and get the best from your marketing automation platform. Our training programmes cover product fundamentals, advanced techniques, principles, concepts and technical skills for a variety of marketing automation platforms. We offer standard and bespoke programs, delivered in person, online or via desk-side coaching. We also offer Train the Trainer courses where we work with your power-users to ensure they have the skills, environments and documentation to deliver your training in-house. All participants receive a digital certificate on completion of our courses.

Our Programme Management service can oversee the implementation or migration from start to finish. Our experienced project leaders fill roles including project managers, scrum masters and programme leads.

With our Channel Deployment and Management service, you can confidently explore new channels, expand your marketing capabilities, and overcome deliverability challenges. Trust us to ensure an effective ramp-up process and manage the intricate details of campaign deliverability, allowing you to focus on engaging your audience and achieving your marketing objectives.

We deliver a seamless integration of capabilities within your existing marketing automation environment and supporting business processes. Our experts optimise and fine-tune your processes to harness the full potential of the integrated solutions. Witness streamlined operations, enhanced productivity, user adoption and the transformation of your marketing landscape.

For brands executing customer communications at scale, we develop and execute your campaigns according to brief, using your chosen marketing automation platform. We provide tiered plans ranging from 10-20 campaigns per week through to bespoke options which are sized according to your needs.

Our Application Management service provides comprehensive support for your marketing automation platform. Our range of support services help proactively identify, diagnose and address any issues you might have with your marketing environment. Maintaining your marketing platform requires specialist skills, whether it is housekeeping, resolving system outages or proactive monitoring.