Unica Discover: a window into your customers digital experience

We’ve all learned the mantra, customer experience is everything. And more important now than ever is customers digital experience. It’s essential to understand how customers perceive their interactions with your company. It’s crucial to have insight into their experience of your products and services and to understand the factors that drive loyalty. Knowing what impacts behaviour and buying decisions is fundamental to underpinning and accelerating growth. Customer experience is an area, that with careful and continual nurturing, produces measurably higher retention, increased conversion and revenue growth, and decreased churn rates.

Deep Behavioural Insight

Across your websites and mobile apps, Unica Discover is a real time analytics platform with unique session-capture and replay capabilities. Discover helps you identify the most volatile factors affecting online browsing and shopping interactions. With that insight you can then deliver successful and seamless customer experience strategies, in a proactive and automated manner.

What can I achieve with Unica Discover?

Employing quantitative data and qualitative analysis, Unica Discover offers a more complete view of the customer journey. It provides a range of mechanisms to identify pain points and their financial impact, leverage in-session messaging, and activate marketing recovery campaigns in real time. All of this can feed into improved processes, communication and a more personalized experience. Unica Discover’s application development environment also includes additional functional templates, offering shortened testing cycles, defect identification, and a reduction in web development costs.


Find a user, session or group of sessions using powerful full text and event-based search. Analyse results to identify patterns and common problems or use the results to group and triage live incidents quickly


Fully understand a user’s journey through session replay. Simple and clear rerun of sessions enables you to see what the user experienced in your web application, and then utilise those sessions for testing, to inform search, or for further analysis and opportunity identification.


Make tactical and strategic decisions based on insights gained from real user experience. Visualise interactions via overlays in replay through form and link analytics, heat and attention maps and use anomaly detection to automatically report on anomalies and deviations from the norm.

Identify Struggle

Using search, replay and reporting, identify points of friction, repeated processes or pages, application and form validation errors; understand their influence on user experience and impact on revenue, and build a customer experience score to help quickly identify sessions which need to be followed up on, or use it as a Business KPI to monitor new site launches and marketing campaigns.

Exceptional Usability

Deliver exceptional usability experiences. Evaluate how well your platforms accommodate users’ needs and contexts, what content they are engaging with through attention heatmaps, and click and hover analytics; use form field analytics see drop off and struggle data; and accessibility analytics to improve inclusivity and help you adhere to standards.

Share Critical Data

Share critical field data with your systems of engagement. Use Real-time or Batch data export to support live session updates and 1-1 marketing recovery campaigns, to provision data for email campaigns or to import into CRM/CDP systems for support or management.

Fulfil Compliance Responsibilites

Fulfil commercial, social and ethical digital compliance responsibilities. Archive specific sessions with all associated data and session replay using fully customisable criteria for long term storage to abide by digital compliance standards and regulations.

“Seek first to understand. Then to be understood.” Dr Stephen Covey

Use Unica Discover to get to grips with your customer’s interaction with your services, to understand their pain points and needs, to analyse business impact and to action meaningful and measurable solutions.  

  • Unica Discover delivers a complete and actionable view of the customer journey across channels through easy integration of an organisation’s digital ecosystem; it can be used across industries in B2B and B2C, and for internal B2E intranet sites or touchscreen/mobile POS apps. 
  • Providing instant access to customer sessions including shadow browsing live activity, Unica Discover helps you monitor how customers engage with your web and mobile applications, pinpointing areas where customers are struggling, helping you to pro-actively address issues before amplification and to build reports to monitor issues and key metrics, to assure compliance and aid in fraud reduction.
  • Leveraging browsing and purchase data and site analytics, Unica Discover helps you to quantify the business impact of issues or changes to your web and mobile applications, and explore and uncover opportunities to improve brand perception, conversion, retention and revenue generation. 

Unica Discover offers open integration with third-party marketing technologies, customer experience, and commerce solutions for great insight across digital touchpoints, and of course it integrates with HCL Digital Experience and HCL Commerce, and the Unica Marketing Platform leveraging the enormous capability of solutions like Unica Interact for customer-centric, real time determination of next best action.

If you’d like to know more about Unica Discover and the benefits of behavioural analytics or to chat with our team about upgrading your Unica platform, – drop us a line.

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