The marketing role you can’t ignore!

Digital disruption shows no sign of slowing down

The marketing role you can’t afford to ignore! Marketing teams often miss opportunities to drive high engagement and conversion because they are poorly equipped with the skills and tools to harness the explosion in data. In the digital age, the ability to create an attractive marketing offer with some nice graphics won’t get you very far.

At Purple Square, we’ve seen the future and it’s the tech-savvy marketing professional – aka the martecheter – who is crucial to marketing success. We see enterprises that embrace the martecheter concept put clear water between themselves and the competition.

Does your own marketing team have the knowledge and tactics to maximise today’s digital channels and build strong customer relationships? Are your campaigns based on clearly defined metrics and accurate evaluation of the data or on an outdated mixture of gut feel and guesswork?

Your go-to martecheter

Purple Square, support clients in building their technical marketing capabilities by:

  • Replacing multiple, unconnected marketing apps with streamlined, unified technology
  • Setting the roadmap and eliminating obstacles to understanding and engaging with customers
  • Upskilling marketing teams and/or extending in-house capabilities with a dedicated, retained martecheter

Our thought leadership helps our clients to improve the customer experience and eliminate muddle, misinterpretation and complexity to run successful marketing campaigns.

As a result, they can now:

  • Manage all customer touchpoints to gain a joined-up view of the relationship
  • Target with hyper-personalised messaging, using the most appropriate digital channel(s)
  • Optimise campaigns based on correctly interpreted data, react with speed to changing priorities and accurately calculate acquisition costs and ROI

Don’t lag behind

Explore the value that a martecheter using streamlined marketing automation technology would bring to your marketing department. 

Watch `So what is a martecheter‘ as our Client Relationship Director, Ben Wyatt, explains all.

Contact us and let’s open up the conversation!

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