Acoustic release Dynamic Content for Message Composer

The Acoustic Campaign Message Composer marks a significant investment in user experience and meets the demands of the email marketer to easily create and re-use mobile responsive content in an intuitive user interface. The 2021 release of Message Composer was the beginning of a journey for the solution that, paired with the new Content Library, will bring a highly intuitive and simple user experience across mobile, landing pages and Transact.

In Q1 2022, Acoustic also added Dynamic Content capabilities to Message Composer. Users can now add dynamic content rules based on customer data fields, membership in a query or contact list, relational table information, opportunity status or a contact’s behaviour. A contact’s behaviour includes their interactions with emails, whether they’ve been in a program, have submitted a webform, or interacted with the company’s website.

Dynamic Content in the Acoustic Message Composer is exciting for two reasons. Firstly, it’s very powerful and allows for highly targeted and relevant content, and secondly, it’s easy and intuitive to use.

Set your rules

Dynamic content is driven by rules the marketer sets in Message Composer. Rules can be one or more ‘IF’ statements that define whether a contact is eligible for the rule and will be presented with the corresponding version of the content.

A Rule is a subset of a Ruleset. The Ruleset is used to control the content you display in content blocks. Users specify default content to display if none of those rules are met.  

At its simplest, Dynamic Content Rulesets can be a basic query on a data field. At its most complex it can combine data fields, customer actions and contact history. Even better, like everything you create in Message Composer, Rulesets can be saved and reused across emails and shared between users. If you build something complex, that effort will not be lost when you hit send. Instead, it can become a standardised asset that ensures consistency across your communications. Rulesets based on Customer loyalty status, language, regional variants and lifecycle stages can be created once and reused over and over.

Define your content versions

Once you’ve built your rulesets, you can apply them to the content blocks in Message Composer. The areas eligible for Dynamic Content are identified with a lightning bolt. Click the lightning bolt, select your ruleset, specify the content for each rule and the default content. The default content will display if a contact is not eligible for any of your specified rules.

Example ruleset and rule criteria

Dynamic Content can be toggled on and off and applied to the following: From Name, From Address, Reply To Address, Subject Line and every type of Content Block. With endless permutations of rulesets and content, a single re-usable email template is capable of dynamically displaying highly targeted, personalised, and relevant content. Previewing an email is as simple as it needs to be. On the ‘Preview and Send’ button, select the rules from the drop-down list, click refresh to see the rules applied to the email template.

Single template using Dynamic Content rules

Dynamic Content in the Acoustic Campaign Message Composer is a leap forward in the capabilities of the platform, and an investment in the user interface that meets the needs of marketers to easily build and re-use high quality content. Dynamic Content is just one of the latest features for Message Composer which continue to take Acoustic Campaign to the next level.

If you’d like help getting started with Message Composer and Dynamic Content, or anything else to do with the Acoustic platform, get in touch.

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