I’m a Consultant, you’re a Consultant

My name is Tim Biddiscombe, and I am a recovering Consultant. That’s actually a lie, I heard the term recently at a trade show, and while it made me chuckle, it’s factually inaccurate. As much as I might pretend otherwise, even coming up on 8 years at Purple Square, even since rising through the ranks of Senior Consultant, Principal Consultant, Head of Professional Services and Professional Services Director, I will always first and foremost be a Consultant.

What exactly does it mean to be a Consultant, and more importantly, you might be wondering why do I think you are a Consultant too? It’s not about the travel or the early starts (though there are plenty of those). It’s also not about the obsessive acquisition of Avios & Hilton points (yep, plenty of them too). It’s even not about the number of stamps in your passport (seeing a pattern?).

Put simply as an ethos, being a Consultant in my mind means to work hard, to do a great job, to leave every situation better than you found it (both professionally and personally when you’re doing it right), to enjoy every minute of it, and above all, to take an immense pride in being really, really good at something.

Does it feel like such a stretch now? You find Consultants in the strangest of places after all, for we are a strange breed. For example, many of my favourite clients I’ve worked with now and over the years I would call Consultants (as well as friends), and hope they took it as a compliment.

At Purple Square, we are always on the lookout for Consultants we want to enjoy working with, whether they are the women and men that we hire, or they work at our clients, or they are our clients.

If you have what it takes, either as a preferred client or future colleague, Purple Square are ready to hear from you, get in touch.

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