Customer Communications during COVID-19

Business Continuity Tips

To help you ensure business continuity for your customer communications during this time when a shift to remote working becomes essential, we have and will continue to compile lists of tips to consider implementing. Below is a link to our System Access and Administration tips.

Customer Communications: System Access & Administration Tips

Please also find below some recommendations for effectively managing organisational and team collaboration during this time. As always don’t hesitate to reach out if you require additional advice or assistance.


  • Ensure you have backup plans for the work assigned to each team member, should anyone be unable to complete their activities
  • Ensure all processes and tasks are documented and shared across your team, so tasks can easily be picked up and followed 
  • If not already in place, start using a team/project management software tool to aid collaboration and conversation between team members. Examples include Microsoft Teams, Slack and Trello 
  • Ensure your team knows how to use desktop sharing tools, so they can talk through work with team mates as they would have done face to face in the office
  • Take advantage of any periods of low work activity for the team by having them complete or renew training certifications
  • Take the opportunity to deliver departmental business process improvements that may have been outstanding for some time
  • Arrange regular stand-ups to keep staff aligned, and morale high

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