Below is a list of recommendations related to Campaign Management & Messaging Continuity during this time of disruption to normal working patterns. We encourage you to review this list and consider implementing the items relevant to your organisation.

Reach out to the Purple Square team for clarifications and additional advice, contact us, we’re here to help.


  • Verify and revise the strategy of all planned and scheduled activities, ensure all customer comms are on brand, reassuring & calm of tone
  • Brief and build essential campaigns well in advance – create a priority list, know up front which ones you can discard if time becomes a factor
  • Review QC checklists to make sure they are up to date and reflect any new requirements or time pressure/resource availability
  • Actively monitor campaign deliverability on a daily basis to ensure critical messages are being received by your customers, across all domains
  • Ensure you have appropriate remote access in place to monitor all in-bound communications, such as those received via Reply Handling. Review our blog on why Reply Handling is an essential requirement in customer communications
  • Automated Campaigns:
    • Currently Automated: Verify if the planned/automated message is still relevant in the current situation
    • Potential to automate: Move ahead on any plans to automate campaigns where messaging is appropriate, in order to reduce reliance on manual sends
    • Schedule campaign deployments ahead of time where possible and where messaging has little risk of requiring a change
  • Take the opportunity to review campaign processes and make any required updates to reflect your new working scenario
  • Take the opportunity to work through any backlog of project work that can be managed remotely 
  • Where team is underutilised, invest their time in items that will provide great benefit going forward:
    • Training and certification – do you and your team have all the skills needed to deliver the best customer communications for your brand?
    • New project planning, researching and development – if you are finding a reducing volume of customer communications is granting you additional bandwidth, reviewing & refining your 6/12/18 month strategy is an excellent use of time
    • Process review, documentation and development – most organisations suffer from documented processes lagging several steps behind reality, this is a perfect opportunity to align them 


  • Review the content of all your current and planned campaigns for any messages that are currently irrelevant or inaccurate
  • Businesses that have both online and a physical presence might need to consider moving marketing to online primarily and ensure messaging appropriately reflects expected order processing and delivery times
  • Set-up regular campaign messaging review sessions. This is not a one-time activity as appropriateness of messages has the potential to shift on a daily basis
  • Take special note of message appropriateness in regard to recipient location. Be aware of the current state of play in all the regions your customer communications are servicing

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