A Day in the Life of a Purple Square Consultant

A day in the life of a Purple Square Consultant, no two days are the same, as each day can mean a new client, travel to a new location or new IBM software to become an expert in. Each client engagement can require a Consultant to wear a different hat; PM, Technical Consultant, Marketing Professional, Trainer, Business Partner.  That can mean an early train or flight from home and nights away spent in hotels, bedtime reading can often be an IBM Administrators Guide.

We find ourselves in leading technology companies, in impressive offices in landmark locations, working with very talented Marketers and IT Professionals, all of whom expect, quite rightly, for a PSC Consultant to be an expert in IBM Watson Marketing and IBM Marketing Cloud. And that’s what we are.

It is the role of a PSC Consultant to know everything they should already know and be resourceful enough to identify and fill gaps in technical and marketing expertise. In a company like PSC there is no room for gaps in a skill set, and at PSC we all work together to share our knowledge and experience. A consultant can be working alone on-site with a client and get stuck on a problem they’ve never seen before. When this happens, we have the back up of the rest of the company to resolve the problem. This can be by scheduling a call to subject matter expert, posting on our internal message board, reading our internal cache of error messages, and more recently contacting our Support Team. Every PSC Consultant will tell you the great feeling they get when a problem is resolved. Of course, subtlety in these situations is crucial and I have found myself doing a quiet lap of victory around an office, or rewarding myself to a celebratory cup of tea on the resolution of a problem without delaying the project. The more problems you resolve as a Consultant, the easier the next problem is to resolve. The more knowledge we share the fewer problems the next person will encounter.

As PSC’s most Northern based Consultant I find myself picking up projects across the North of England. Many PSC Consultants are based around London, across Europe and Australia. For me, when not travelling to a client’s site, this means working from home or calling into the PSC Support Office in Leeds. But it’s not unusual to be working hundreds of miles from colleagues. Tools like Skype for Business become vital to stop you from becoming isolated and prevent colleagues becoming strangers. Ensuring we are all ‘in the loop’ of upcoming projects. If the person you need to speak to is in Australia that means getting up early.

A day in the life of Purple Square Consultant can be challenging and rewarding, but for most of the time it is rewarding because it is challenging.

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