What is Unica Interact and how do you use it?

Unica Interact is the module of the HCL Unica suite that performs real time segmentation based on API calls from an inbound channel. Interact performs customer segmentation in real time and recommends content based on their known customer profile or the actions performed during a visit. By deploying Interact to a channel, marketers can ensure visitors receive a tailored experience that delivers relevant content and messages.

The Triggered Message functionality allows marketers to easily configure outbound messages that are triggered by customer actions or patterns of events in the channel. This enables marketers to configure SMS, Push and Email that contain highly targeted content delivered to customers at the right time with content derived from the micro-segmentation performed in real-time by Interact.

If customers are authenticated by a call centre, or login to a website or app, Interact can trigger outbound marketing messages to carry on the conversation. Contact history and suppression rules can prevent messages being duplicated or repeated within a given time frame. These messages can be more than just transactional, best use of Triggered Messages enable marketers to deliver marketing messages based on qualified legitimate interest.

To get you started with this solution, here are some use cases for Interact Triggered Messages.

1. Customer Reactivation

Imagine a customer logging into your website for the first time in a while. This can be a significant event and is an opportunity to re-engage with an existing customer, particularly if they have fallen out of your usual Customer Lifecyle campaigns. Trigger a “welcome back” email that includes content or offers that bring them up to date with what you are up to and capitalises on their rekindled interest.

2. Response Follow up

Customers often contact your Call Centre with a specific outcome in mind, this can make the cross and upsell offers difficult to convert during a call. Capture that ‘interested’ response to an inbound offer then follow up with an email or SMS that provides more information or link back to your website after the call.

3. Customer Struggle

Struggle and pain points for a customer can easily be identified through events on the website (for example; abandoned registration, incomplete webforms, 0 results in a search or a 404 page) these event patterns can trigger outbound SMS and direct a customer to the Call Centre and rescue the customer journey.

4. Save for Later, tell me more

Capture customer interest in a product with a button or banner offer on the website. The event triggers an email containing a video or more a more detailed article about the product with links back to the product on the website after their session has ended.

5. Real time enquiry follow ups and cross sell.

Deliver real-time email follow ups to the tools on your website, such as budget planners, or product comparisons. Trigger a real-time email follow up, so the customer has all that information saved in their inbox, with a link back to the website to convert them to a sale.

Below is an infographic highlighting the key concepts used across Interact.

If you are interested in learning more about Unica Interact or other products within the Marketing Solution suite, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help!

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