Welcome mParticle, Purple Square’s newest Technology Partner

As Managing Director and one of the founders of Purple Square, I’d like to take this opportunity to formally welcome mParticle to the family. As a proudly independent Customer Experience Advisory agency, selecting a new technology partner is never something we take lightly.

mParticle are one of the leading Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) operating today, supporting some of the worlds’ most well-known B2C brands.

Note: For some deep dives into the concepts of CDPs, do check out our recent de-mystifying CDPs piece.

About mParticle

mParticle’s clients include organisations such as Airbnb, Burger King, NBCUniversal, Spotify and Starbucks. Teams at these companies utilise mParticle to create a real-time customer data pipeline, a 360-degree view of the customer and powerful real-time personalisation across channels.

If, like me you strongly resonate with a ‘share of wallet’ KPI mentality, then a CDP like mParticle is your edge, your zero on the roulette wheel. And its not just about ROI, an effective deployment of CDP is as much about data governance and privacy engineering to do right by your customers, as it is about winning market share from your competitors. After all, I firmly believe the only business model that stands the test of time is repeat business, not winning something that doesn’t deliver what you have promised to your customers.

mParticle was founded in 2013 by Michael and Andrew Katz, and are headquartered in New York City with offices in London and San Francisco and remote employees across the world. The platform oversees more than 500 billion API calls monthly.

Strategic acquisitions bolstering capabilities

In 2022 mParticle made a number of strategic acquisitions to expand their offering. In January they acquired Indicative, a leading provider of customer journey analytics with strong privacy safeguards. In August, Vidora, an AI personalisation platform joined mParticle to bolster artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

I’m really pleased to see these acquisitions happen. I’ve always advocated a buy not build approach when it comes to B2C organisations, so resources can be better spent maximising potential and revenue, rather than maintaining software outside your core business, that goes out of date as soon as someone leaves the organisation.

And, hot off the press just a day before I finalised this piece, mParticle have announced Warehouse Sync, which delivers reverse-ETL capabilities (the fine art of extracting and transforming data OUT of your data warehouse into business applications) to complement the impressive real-time CDP capabilities.

Speaking for Purple Square (since I have that privilege), we are extremely excited at the new opportunities this is going to open up for success with our portfolio of Marketing Automation clients.

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