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Unica Insights
BIRT, not Bert

Unica Insights: Out-of-the-box reporting for HCL Unica version 12 includes over 100 reports that are immediately accessible to marketers from within the Unica interface and can offer a strategic insight into campaigns and performance.

Unica Insight reports are available for the Campaign, Plan, Interact, Collaborate (from v12.1.0.3) and Deliver modules, and are powered by open-source platform Eclipse BIRT. This is a new addition to the previously required IBM Cognos BI.

The reports can be accessed from the Analytics menu, and the types of reports available include – but are not limited to:


  • Campaign Summary
  • Campaign ROI Comparison
  • Campaign Performance Comparison
  • Campaign Offer Performance by Month
  • Offer Responses for Last 7 Days


  • Message Overview
  • Detailed Bounce
  • A/B Testing Performance


  • Channel Deployment History
  • Channel Event Activity Summary

Who what is BIRT?

Eclipse BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) is an open-source reporting system that integrates with the Java-based web application server already hosting the Unica applications – be that WebLogic, WebSphere, Tomcat or JBoss. Custom reports can be built and integrated using BIRT Designer, and the out-of-the-box reports can be modified to include additional fields or simply have their design altered.

The BIRT Report Engine is included within the deployment of Unica Insights and does not have to be obtained independently. BIRT Designer is a separate download.

Bundled reports

Each Unica module includes its own reports package with the installer. From the Analytics screens, each report is listed along with a description which clearly identifies the purpose, and also mentions some of the fields available within the report. This is especially useful to first identify what kind of report to generate.

Depending on the report type, when one is selected, the option to choose one or more objects to include in the report is then presented. Usually this is a campaign or offer, and they can be individually selected, or the user can choose a folder to include all the objects within that folder. This makes it easy to compare performance across multiple campaigns or offers within a single view.

Additionally, some reports may prompt for start and end dates, allowing the user to filter within a specific timeframe.

Interact reports can be useful for audit tracking purposes, showing channel activity such as deployment history.

For some reports, the available fields may extend off the screen, and so a Show/Hide menu is provided to give the user the option to display further information if necessary.

Exporting reports

Once a report is generated, it is possible to export it to a range of formats. These include Excel spreadsheet, Word document, OpenDocument file, PDF, PowerPoint, and more. These can then be shared within the business.

Unica Insights is available without extra cost due to the open-source nature of the BIRT platform that powers the report generation. Its native integration with the other Unica applications means marketers can leverage the powerful reporting capabilities right from the interface and gain a greater understanding of their campaigns and strategies.

If you would like to know more about Unica Insights, do get in touch, we would be happy to help guide you through the benefits.


https://youtu.be/l6Fl8ML_rOU – Introduction to Unica Insights

https://youtu.be/gjoAkY-JYhI – Setting Up the Unica Insights Development Environment

https://youtu.be/7xP0wz-8Rn4 – Create a Fresh Unica Insight Report

https://youtu.be/Kl3Ry-RTZxo – Customise the Unica Insight Report

https://youtu.be/s5rW68Fp4Js – Custom Insight Reports in Unica (v12.1.0.3)

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