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Since the agile methodology emerged in software development, other areas have been attracted to its ability of adapting to change and other benefits. Given that the marketing world has proven to be so dynamic over the last decade, it’s no surprise more and more marketing teams are falling for the concept of agility.

Agile Marketing enables more fluid delivery, with a continuous improvement approach based on feedback and iterations to adapt the approach as required. Appreciating that not all the information is available in advance, the idea is to learn more from reactions and behaviours, measuring results and optimising over time in order to achieve what all us marketers and martecheters are looking for: deliver the right message, at the right time.

But it’s usually easier said than done. One can’t expect that a team turns agile successfully based on a decision from the top. For an agile approach to succeed, the following three elements play a very important part:

  • Process
  • Team
  • Technology

In this blog, we’ll focus on the technology aspect, and we’ll analyse some of the features that Acoustic presents to their customers to support agile marketing teams. Check out our CEO, Andy’s blog for more information on the three pieces mentioned above.

Does your Marketing Automation solution support your (current or desired) agile marketing framework?

Top marketing platforms are designed to allow marketers to adapt to their ever-changing world. They should make it easy and pain-free for marketers to obtain feedback from their subscribers and adjust their campaigns accordingly.

Acoustic Campaign is the Marketing Automation solution within the Acoustic suite. Its main goal is to empower marketing teams to deliver greater revenue and customer loyalty, and includes some new (and some not so new) features and capabilities that help marketers in their quest to working agile.

  • Message Composer (currently in BETA): the brand new drag and drop editor makes it very easy for marketers to make changes to communication templates, even for those with no HTML knowledge, keeping them looking smart and mobile responsive. No need to add yet another task to your HTML developer’s workload.
  • Conversion tracking: implemented alongside web tracking, it helps understanding which campaigns are more effective at driving results. The required website code can be implemented and maintained using a Tag Manager tool, which again makes it simpler to manage even without the extensive technical skills that web developers or infrastructure teams have.
  • Performance Insights: reports that are highly customisable and easy to visualise, to support the feedback that is essential as input for iterations. Data for Email, SMS & Push channels are available on this interface, and real-time reports can even be shared with stakeholders who are not day to day Acoustic users.
  • Program Anomaly Detection: go one step further. No need to check reports daily, continue with what you’re doing and be alerted when an anomaly is detected in your automation. This could be a significant decline in click rates, raise in open rates, etc. Again, key input to understand what is working and what needs to be adjusted.
  • A/B Testing & Percent Split: you’d expect your marketing automation platform to do A/B testing. Acoustic Campaign also allows the use of random percent splits, so marketers can compare the results of different variations sent as part of an automated journey.

Acoustic also provides an Analytics offering, to get further insight on how customers interact with brands across touchpoints. Visualise and analyse journeys, lifecycle stages and even live their experience from a customer’s eyes with session replays, so that any struggles can be identified.

These are some of the Acoustic features and capabilities that empower agile marketers to succeed. Even though the technology available is only one of the pieces, it plays an important part in the everyday life of a marketer. So… does your Marketing Automation solution support your agile marketing framework?

Are you an Acoustic customer, or would you like to learn more about the solution? Contact us.

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