The HCL Unica Suite

The HCL Software Unica Suite is an enterprise class marketing platform that delivers precision marketing at scale. Designed from the ground up for marketers and powered by AI, it empowers marketing automation across a wide variety of outbound and inbound channels: direct mail, email, website, call center, IVR mobile, ATM, Kiosk, POS, and much more. Unica is a premises-agnostic, cloud-native platform and can be deployed through Docker framework or natively.

Purple Square have been working with Unica for many years, we have grown with the product and been a strategic part of it’s development roadmap along the way. Our team has extensive experience across implementation, consulting, support and training for Unica. Below is a quick overview of the modules that make up the Unica suite. Looking for information on the latest release? Read our blog on what’s included in the summer release of Unica 12.1.4.

CAMPAIGN – Marketing Automation & Segmentation

Unica Campaign is an advanced campaign management solution that delivers customer targeting at scale with powerful segmentation capabilities for outbound, multi-channel, multi-wave batch campaign execution and tracking. For an overview of the module concepts check out our Unica Campaign Concepts Infographic.

INTERACT – Real Time, Contextual, Hyper-Personalisation

Real time personalization in milli seconds. Sophisticated real time interaction solution to personalize customer experience and determine the next best action for customer engagement across various channels such as websites, call centers, points-of-sale, ATMs, kiosks, and more. For an overview of the module concepts check out our Unica Interact Concepts Infographic. To get you started with this solution, here are some use cases for Interact Triggered Messages.

OPTIMIZE – Contact Frequency & Strategy

Unica Optimize is the superior campaign optimization solution to determine the optimal contact strategy for each customer across time, offers, channels and multiple marketing campaigns. For an overview of the module concepts check out our Unica Optimize Concepts Infographic. For further insights into why campaign optimisation is important and how it all works, read our blog Getting more bang for your buck.

PLAN – Campaign Management & Approval Flows

Unica Plan is a comprehensive Marketing Resource Management solution that provides a collaborative environment for end to end planning, execution and management of your marketing initiatives. For an overview of the module concepts, check out our Unica Plan Concepts Infographic.


Unica Deliver is a reliable, scalable and seamlessly integrated digital messaging solution, providing timely and personalized communications across channels including Email, SMS and more.


Unica Journey is a goal based orchestration solution to visualize, create, execute & measure personalized omnichannel customer experiences.


Unica Link is an out of the box low code, fast and flexible framework to seamlessly integrate 3rd party touchpoints and martech applications with Unica to deliver a unified customer experience. Read an overview of the solution and how marketers integrate it into their daily processes.

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