Don’t resign yourselves to the Great Resignation just yet…

One of the not so unexpected downstream impacts of the pandemic that has swept across our planet is now being called “The Great Resignation”. What does that means for the marketing automation industry and how might Purple Square be able to help you combat its effects? Read on…

I’m a big fan of many things named The Great something or other, from the Frost Fairs of the sixteenth century, to The Great Filter in modern astronomy. The Great Prefix tends to denote some kind of step change, a landmark milestone in human history, the First World War was originally known as The Great war, though this fell into disuse when there was a second major conflict just a few decades later, and certainly there wasn’t anything great about it either, so I would never have approved this name had it come across my desk.

Why are people resigning?

Early in 2022, it was reported in the US by the Bureau of Labour Statistics that 4.5 million workers quit their jobs in November. They didn’t get laid off, they weren’t quietly escorted out of the building by security (though in some cases I’m sure they were), they quit. They voluntarily looked around their workplaces (real or virtual), and said f*** this, or words to that effect. The reasons behind this Great Resignation are myriad and highly valid, they range from lack of childcare, poor benefits including healthcare, poor salaries, and burnout. The last one, burnout deserves its own category, as this itself has numerous causes, including the grinding workloads that come from employers trying to do more or the same, only with less employees – employees let go earlier in the pandemic cycle.

Another contributing factor is the friction caused by human beings not being overly nice to each other, something that human beings are especially adept at. Another that deserves a (dis)honourable mention is many employers insisting on workers going back to the office when they do not feel safe to do so. Those bright shiny edifices to corporate ego have stood empty for long enough, think some in senior leadership, yet every time a ramp-up of rhetoric to get people back into the office comes along, so does another Covid variant, and so the cycle goes round and round. But many are getting ready to get off that cycle.

How can Purple Square help?

Now, there are numerous things you can do inside your own organisations to address these factors and stem the tide of workers who have decided that enough is enough, certainly the more proactive among you will already be well down this path. However in our quiet corner of the world, in the world of Marketing Automation, where we at Purple Square strive to help our B2C clients to have better and more meaningful relations with their customers, there is something we can also offer to help.

Purple Square’s Campaign Delivery service is an attrition-proof alternative to trying to get more from an internal team that may also be suffering badly from staff shortages and overwork. It is designed for brands who are executing high volumes of customer communications at scale, allowing the day-to-day operations of a campaign execution function to be conducted in a seamless fashion, while your key personnel can focus on strategic activity. We are constantly expanding our team of highly skilled, highly motivated Digital Marketing Analysts, hiring only the best of the best to join our cutting-edge operational service.

If you think we might be able to help you and reduce your exposure in the essential business of maintaining communication with your customers, why not get in touch today to find out how we could help you.

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