Acoustic Unleashing Brilliance

A summary on Acoustic’s brand launch event

As Business Partners, Purple Square couldn’t miss Acoustic Unleashing Brilliance launch. We are very excited about this opportunity for the now former IBMers who we have worked together with for so long, and look forward to seeing what they can do for the future of the platform and Marketing Automation. The event included presentations on the roadmap for the different Acoustic products, the current state and future of Marketing Technology, followed by some time for networking. The focus? Acoustic’s intention is to help marketers be successful. They recognise the challenge in different organisations around having too much data and too many tools to work with, and their aim is to make marketers’ lives easier by orchestrating and simplifying these multiple assets.

What is different now and what are they doing to help marketers?

Mark Simpson (CEO @ Acoustic) emphasised that being out of the IBM corporation will allow them to be much more agile and flexible. Their sole focus now is on “serving the marketing department”, and they have 11,000 people focused in making marketers’ lives better.

In their view, this will make it easier for them to innovate, by being able to apply their budget based on their Marketing Technology priorities and having a more flexible structure. They are committed to investing in building better solutions over the next year: for example, ensuring pieces work well together, have a single user interface and good data governance and privacy protections.

What’s coming up in the Acoustic Marketing Cloud?

Jay Henderson (Senior Vice President of Product Management @ Acoustic) talked the audience through the three main areas of investment for the next year:

  • Artificial Intelligence

More than just Watson. Acoustic are planning to expand the use of native and 3rd party AI across the platform. The AI assistant will offer advice proactively, AI powered struggle detection on websites will be improved, and AI will also help marketers with audience targeting and asset management.

  • Modernisation

Not only the interface, but also the underlying technology will be modernised. Acoustic will be looking to improve performance and also provide a unified and streamlined interface.

  • Open Ecosystem

Acoustic are aiming to make it easy to get data in and out of their platform, and even to and from competitor solutions. As you all know, most companies need to use a combination of marketing products to achieve their goals, and therefore integrations play a big part in today’s Marketing Technology world.

Particularly for Acoustic Campaign…

The highlight is the new Message Composer, rolling out from Q4 2019, based on Acoustic Content technology. This will allow marketers to build templates more efficiently and in a more standardised way, even with little HTML knowledge, with drag and drop functionality. Contact us if you are interested in hearing more about it!

Anomaly detection for key metrics in automated Programs is another area that will be improved upon. Acoustic users will receive automatic notifications when the system identifies sudden changes and variations from expected volumes, rather than users having to remember to review their reports to find them.

Acoustic made a promise to “listen to their customers” and help them where they are struggling the most. We suggest you take opportunities to share your feedback with us and with them, so that it can be considered.

We look forward to continuing our close relationship with the same people Purple Square have been working with over the last few years and working together with Acoustic to “unleash brilliance” and help more and more marketers around the globe.

The next challenge for all of us is to call the platform correctly by its new name! We will succeed – after all, we are used to this as Marketer / Engage / Silverpop / IMC / WCA / Acoustic Campaign users!

For more information on how Purple Square could help you with the Acoustic Marketing Cloud or anything else, get in touch today!​

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