Unwrapping Datorama

Unwrapping Datorama – More and more clients are adding Datorama to their shopping basket when taking their first steps into the world of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Purple Square take a deeper look at what this unique software does, and why you might need to take it very seriously.

Israeli cloud-based AI marketing analytics platform Datorama was acquired by Salesforce in July 2018 for a reported $800M. Datorama grants its customers the ability to connect, analyse and create actionable insights on your data, all centralised into one marketing dashboard. Then in 2019, Salesforce introduced the Datorama Marketplace, sibling to the Salesforce AppExchange, allowing developers to create custom applications and pre-built ‘done for you’ connections, allowing you to link up the most diverse.

Whatever tool you are using, marketing analytics consists of three main parts:

  1. Connect the dots – Build a unified (often virtual) view of the customer from all your diverse data sources available to you
  2. Do the math – analyse the data across all channels and campaigns, taking advantage of powerful AI and intuitive reporting capabilities
  3. Take some action – Based on what you know now, what should your company be doing differently? Here you should be building use cases and triggers to leverage your newfound wisdom throughout the business

Christopher Nagrant, Reporting, Analytics & Innovation Manager, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan was singing Datorama’s praises in a recent interview: “Being able to share the same data points, the same KPIs and metrics across all the areas, telling one unified story has added a lot of value”. He’s not wrong either, bringing together the trinity of data, intelligence and action brings to mind the Stages of Great Thinking by Kent Stolt: “Investigation, Incubation, Illumination”, which is an empowering approach to problem solving.

While the price tag can be a little daunting, in the world of MarTech the phrase “you get what you pay for” has never been more true – I’ve come across more than one FTSE500 company in my time who has attempted to get by on the free version of Google Analytics. If you seriously want to grow your business and accurately measure ROI, it’s not the kind of thing you find as open-source software.

If you would like to find out more about Datorama, please get in touch and we would be happy to help.

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