Unica Deliver Enablement

Purple Square attended a HCL webinar in which the new Unica Deliver application was demonstrated. Born out what was previously called eMessage, Unica Deliver facilitates personalized, and timely communication across email and SMS channels. It effortlessly integrates with other tools from the Unica suite like Campaign, Interact, and Journey, supporting you in designing your branded email templates, segmenting and managing your email lists, nurturing leads, and re-engaging with your inactive customers.

The premise behind Unica Deliver is to provide a reliable, scalable, and deeply integrated application that customers can use to live-preview personalisation rules, quickly configure and conduct A/B tests, perform automated or ad-hoc message sends, and obtain accurate analytics and insights (through out-of-the-box reporting with Unica Insights). With a drag-and-drop document editor for less-technical marketers, Unica Deliver reduces the time it takes to deploy campaigns and provides the ability to create messages in minutes. It’s great to see a fulfilment platform embedded within Unica again, customers will receive a solution that is real value for money, with minimal integration work required by systems administrators, that supports batch, transactional and triggered messaging and delivers exceptional capability.

The on-boarding process for a new Unica Deliver implementation begins with receiving a Welcome Kit which includes a start-up worksheet and kick-off call, followed by the provisioning of the account and configuring access. A ramp-up process is calculated and executed to build up email broadcasts to production volumes and to develop your new email domains sender reputation, with the process concluding once the required volumes have successfully achieved. The process concludes with tips on how to maintain a good sender reputation, and  formal handover to HCL Support.

A/B testing

It is possible to specify a test percentage to execute A/B tests against, as well as define the test period in hours, the winning criteria (e.g. maximum unique views, maximum unique clicks, maximum unique complaints) etc. Unica Deliver will increase the number of simultaneous tests that can be performed later this year.

Advanced Scripting

With advanced scripting support in Unica Deliver, it is possible to display dimension tables, support multi-row 1:N relationships and use arithmetic functions. Advanced scripting can also be used with RSS feeds and can be utilised to display offers within a message, based on customer data.

Conditional and personalised content

The drag-and-drop message editor allows for content such as images to be dropped into zones, where rules can be deployed to display content based on customer data. The rules spreadsheet allows for easy visibility and configuration.


As well as ad-hoc sends, Unica Deliver supports scheduled message sends which can start on a specified date and time, or after a flowchart execution from Unica Campaign.


Campaign writes out to OLT’s (Output List Tables) which are pushed to the Unica Deliver servers ready for the message send – interaction events are then returned back to the system tables and can be reported on, using out-of-the-box reports powered by BIRT (previous iterations of Unica Campaign used Cognos).

Additionally, there are many more features of Unica Deliver that can:

  • help marketers with customer retention
  • reduce IT overhead costs
  • integrate with campaign automation
  • improve quality of data.

Future of Unica Deliver

The next releases of Unica Deliver will include support for additional channels including mobile Push, Social and WhatsApp,  integration support for Unica Interact, a refreshed design, the ability to manage the RCT (Response and Contact Tracker) through the interface rather than requiring backend server access, a survey builder tool, and heatmap reports.

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