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Remember the days of dial-up internet and the patience it demanded? Fast forward to today’s digital wonders, and while tech is central to Customer Experience (CX), it’s not an automatic solution. Too many rush into tech choices expecting miracles, only to face misaligned goals and missed opportunities. Purple Square champions the balanced “5 Core Principles of CX,” underscoring that tech isn’t just about the latest gadget but finding the right fit. With expert guidance across leading technologies, we help clients optimise their CX tech journey.

Tech Talk with Generation Alpha

My son looks at me like I’m crazy when I talk about my early experiences with PC’s and technology.  I showed him my very first PC (and compared its power to his school calculator!). We talked about either a phone call or internet time – and the screech of dial-up internet? In my early 20’s, I’d sit in front of my computer, waiting for what felt like ages, just to see a single webpage load. And look at us now – in the era of lightning-fast internet, AI, cloud systems, and so much more.

But let’s dial it back a bit, especially when discussing Customer Experience (CX). While technology has indeed made leaps and bounds, and has become the backbone of any customer interaction, it’s essential to recognise that tech in itself isn’t the golden goose. It’s how we harness it.

The result of impulsive tech decisions

If you’ve been in the industry long enough (like me), you’ve likely seen organisations make impulsive tech decisions. Thinking technology alone would revolutionise their CX. And what happened? Instead of a boost, they ended up with missed opportunities due to not leveraging tech capabilities fully, failed RFx business case deliveries, mere migration of BAU (Business as Usual) to newer platforms without any value addition, and worst of all, a glaring misalignment between business objectives and what the tech vendors could actually offer.

This is where Purple Square’s perspective on the “5 Core Principles of CX” shines, particularly its emphasis on Technology. While Vision is our guiding star, Operations are the well-oiled machinery, Data is our compass, and People are our torchbearers – Technology is the highway that can either lead us to our destination smoothly or throw us off track.

What sets Purple Square apart is our profound belief in independence when it comes to tech advice. Sure, we’re experts in a multitude of platforms. But we firmly believe that no single technology is a one-size-fits-all solution. Different organisations have distinct needs, and our expertise across leading technologies ensures tailored recommendations for every unique situation.

Our approach to CX Tech

Our approach to guiding clients on their CX Technologies involves:

  1. MarTech Capability Assessments: Delving deep into understanding the technological prowess you currently have, and how it can be enhanced.
  2. RFx Development: Crafting business cases that align with your objectives and ensuring they’re set for success.
  3. Vendor Shortlisting & Selection: Because finding the right technological partner can make or break your CX journey.
  4. Implementation & Integration: Seamlessly weaving the new tech into your current ecosystem, ensuring everything syncs up perfectly.
  5. Application Health Check: Regular reviews to ensure that the tech you’re using is in prime condition, ready to deliver.
  6. Application Help Desk and Management: An always-on support system, ensuring you’re never left in a lurch.

Let’s loop back to where we started. Technology, as dazzling as it may be, is not magic. It’s a tool. And just as a chisel in the hands of a novice and a sculptor will produce vastly different results, so will tech in the hands of those unguided.

In this whirlwind of digital transformation, ensure you’re not just hopping on the tech bandwagon but are on a journey tailored for you. Dive deeper with Purple Square and discover how to best navigate the tech highway of CX. Because remember, it’s not just about having technology; it’s about having the right technology for you. Ready to embark on this techno-journey? Let’s connect.


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