Purple Square’s USP’s reflect our Core Values

One of the things I am most proud of at Purple Square, is how closely linked our core values are to what make us unique, and how close our unique selling propositions reflect our individual personalities. By understanding these intrinsic connections, clients can better appreciate how our defining USPs stem from our most foundational beliefs as an organisation.

Responsibility drives long-term success

Our commitment to long-term success comes first and foremost from our core value of Responsibility. We take complete ownership of client relationships rather than viewing them as temporary or one-off transactions. Our proven engagement process focuses on forging enduring bonds built on trust and transparency. We recognise real success requires thoroughly understanding clients’ needs first, then building integrated, impactful strategies to help them thrive over the long-term. Our willingness to fully commit for the long haul demonstrates our profound sense of responsibility to achieving lasting client success.

Inspiring Others sees each client’s unique needs 

Our pledge to remain vendor agnostic closely aligns with our foundational value of Inspiring Others. By maintaining independence from specific marketing platforms, we can continuously explore emerging technologies with an open mind. We don’t believe that one technology, process or methodology “fits all”.

This engrains a constant curiosity and big-picture perspective within our team, helping us avoid narrow views. It allows us to see each client’s needs as unique rather than trying to fit them to a predetermined platform, and it’s our job to identify the most appropriate processes, people and platforms that can deliver our clients CX objectives. Our vendor agnostic freedom expands our ability to inspire clients to rethink challenges and identify innovative solutions tailored to their particular goals and audiences.

Excellence means mastery

Our dedication to technological and strategic expertise directly reflects our passion for pursuing Excellence. We are simply never satisfied with superficial knowledge or half-measures. Our team works tirelessly to master technical platforms, understand their strategic applications, and forge partnerships that enhance our capabilities. Clients benefit enormously from our unrelenting commitment to go far beyond the bare minimum expected, instead providing exceptionally optimised solutions tailored to their needs. It is this tireless dedication that enables us to deliver truly excellent work.

Integrity is built on transparency

Our core value of Acting with Integrity powers our dedication to expertise. We build knowledge only through ethical practices – never shortcuts. We transparently share insights with clients and partners while respecting intellectual property boundaries. This integrity prevents us from seeking quick gimmicks that could undermine the quality of our work, or the solutions we deploy for our clients. It enables clients to trust our recommendations because they know our expertise stems from real depth of learning versus superficial partnerships.

Empowered to innovate

In addition, our foundational values of Responsibility and Inspiring Others fuel an inclusive work culture. We take ownership for supporting each employee’s professional growth. And we create an environment where everyone feels empowered to innovate and do their best work.

In everything we do, our USPs flow directly from our most cherished beliefs. Our commitment to long-term partnerships reflects our profound sense of responsibility. Our vendor agnostic perspective closely aligns with inspiring bold new thinking. Our expertise stems from pursuing excellence with integrity. These core values intrinsically shape us as an organisation and define how we deliver differentiated value to clients.

By tightly linking our USPs to our core values, we ensure complete alignment between our external market strengths and our internal cultural identity. Clients don’t just gain a capable partner – they gain a partner with an authentic purpose beyond profits. Our values guide us in building trust-based relationships that lead to shared growth and achievement. This is what truly makes us unique.

If your values fits with ours, why not contact us to discuss how we can help you with your Customer Experience strategy.

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