How we’re breaking the mould and backing our client’s success.

How we’re breaking the mould and backing our client’s success. As a sales professional, I’m often asked what I sell. And my answer is always ‘a solution’. It surprises some people since there’s sometimes a negative perception of salespeople. Whether or not it’s justified, the profession could benefit from a more customer-centric, knowledge-led approach. That means becoming more technical, more credible, and more interested in our client’s success. From experience, I know it breeds trust and respect from clients, and most importantly, makes sure their problems are solved in a way that’s right for them.

That’s a priority for everyone at Purple Square; it’s why we act as an extension of our clients’ team and adopt their goals. We take on the role of strategic partner to make sure our solutions support their long-term success. This approach spans the entire workforce, from our consultants working on a project to our analysts working in Campaign Delivery. As Senior Business Consultant, I bring all this together by using a sales method that focuses on problem-solving and a consultative approach. So, what does that look like in practice?

68% of B2B customers are lost because of indifference or perceived apathy. Only 46% of customers said vendors deliver on what was promised.



The first step is always about understanding the client’s needs. That means asking lots of questions to pull out their pain points and then diagnose the issues. Research is key at this stage too, to get to know the company and learn about the industry. It gives me a complete picture of the client’s situation before I even begin thinking about how our services/products might help.

82% of B2B decision-makers think sales reps are unprepared.


Taking time to reflect

Reflection is crucial before offering a solution. I take everything I know about the client and unpick precisely what they need to overcome their challenges to build on their success. Making sure the solution is right for them and their colleagues to help achieve the company’s aims and is appropriate for their industry is so important to building knowledge-based trust. It helps legitimise the value of the solution and build a solid, trustworthy relationship with the client.

Seeking feedback

The process doesn’t end once I’ve offered the solution. In fact, it’s still early days. Proactively soliciting feedback on the service/product should go without saying. It’s a chance to check it solves the client’s problems and in a way that works for them, their colleagues and wider business. And it demonstrates my commitment to a relationship based on collaboration and trust. This means asking questions, getting the client’s perspective and importantly, making changes and improvements based on that feedback. It’s only then I can be confident I’ve successfully delivered for my client.

This process puts the client front and centre. And following a consultative approach means we can both be sure the solution will deliver results. The approach is straightforward, effective, and, I believe, embraces everything we would want for ourselves from someone helping us search out the right solution.

My consultative approach in action

  • Actively and intently listening. Giving clients time to speak without interrupting, asking them questions and clarifying what I’m hearing to truly understand their needs.
  • Doing what I say I will; taking actions consistent with my words to grow trust.
  • Being constantly engaged in the relationship to make it stronger, stable, and long-term.

I always ask myself, have I provided all the required information, explored different courses of action, and helped the client make the most viable choice with clarity and transparency? 

Showing genuine care and interest in the person I’m speaking with, their challenges and how I can help them creates an all-important connection with the client. It earns trust and respect based on my expertise and knowledge. It’s a far more satisfying way of working. And I’m pleased to say Purple Square is an advocate of doing right by its clients (and its people) too.

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