An Introduction to Successful Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is fundamentally about being able to do more with less.

Getting to grips with understanding Marketing Automation is often overlooked when starting out with or changing MarTech platforms.

Each of the sections in this eBook focusses on a key topic that is seen in organisations running successful Marketing Automation; but they don’t work in isolation. A holistic approach, growing capabilities across all areas, gradually and continually, will create a more sophisticated and robust experience than working on one area at a time.

ebook successful marketing automation

In this eBook you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of Marketing Automation
  • The key concepts surrounding data, analysis, channels, personalisation and campaign execution.
  • How to stretch the capabilities of a marketing platform
  • The challenges faced by all sized organisations, due to lack of knowledge of the basics
  • Why processes and team can make or break marketing initiatives
  • What to consider when selecting a platform

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