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When we think about personalisation, one of the things that we have to consider is that its not binary. Do we do it or don’t we? We all receive e-mails that contain subject line personalisation. Well, we have our names in the email subject lines. But can we say that is personalisation? Yes, it’s kind of personalisation but certainly not really anything deep. That’s where tools like Salesforce Interaction Studio come in to help with personalisation across email, websites, POS, and ATMs.

What is Interaction Studio?

Launched in 2018, Interaction Studio is a Salesforce AI system that allows marketers to engage with customers in real-time. Interaction Studio uses algorithms and predictive analytics to determine and display the most relevant content, offers, recommendations, and complete experiences in real-time and in a highly scalable way.

Through these capabilities, customers can expect to be able to pick up where they left off on the buyer’s journey and be guided toward the right product or service.

That can be online or offline. Triggers interpreted by machine learning will unlock this experience and are activated on all customer touchpoints meaning website, mobile, apps, stores, and so on.

Pain points that Interaction Studio solves

Most companies have many rows of customer data on individuals, but they do not use the data for multitude reasons. Alongside that, customers are so used to seeing their names in email subject lines and offer recommendations in their social media feeds, that they prefer to purchase from those who can bring creativity when they interact with brands.

However, to create this type of personalisation, marketers need data and tools. Interaction Studio as a decision solution helps marketers to predict the next best action in real-time to the right channel through the customer experience. By using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Studios and Builders, marketers can communicate efficiently as they can elaborate creative communications via tools such as Journey Builder combined with Content Builder to create personalised campaigns. Given that personalisation is already been used by marketers, what is new, is the ability to communicate in real-time, whether it’s offline or online,

Interaction Studio helps marketers to make a cultural transition from campaign-centric interaction to customer-centric engagement, by connecting and unlocking the best customer experience triggers.

Here are some pain points that can be addressed with Interaction Studio:

  • Isolated channels contribute to disconnected customer engagement. The brand is unable to integrate the experience between inbound and outbound, as well as online and physical, channels.
  • Wherever the customer goes, inconsistent experiences prevent marketers from providing genuine value.
  • Internal silos make it tough for teams to access data, interpret client needs, and build a detailed plan to offer value.

Brands must make customer-centric engagements in order to actually improve their product or services, through good storage of data, and using that data efficiently and creatively to provide value to their customers.

Effective progression strategy to go towards personalisation

The first step is to collect data and understand what you would like to achieve and provide a proof of concept. Too much personalisation can get very expensive very quickly, and very complex, so we recommend you take it step by step.

Choose an incrementally performable area of personalisation instead, where you can demonstrate the value of personalisation through quality monitoring for customer experience and analytics evaluation. An example of next steps could be:

Personalising emails: this is a strategic place to test personalisation because it is frequent, you can easily monitor how customers connect with your campaigns, and you have access to a lot of third-party data.

Personalise your website: the next step could be to make product recommendations on the website and modify your marketing strategy using various personas that can be quickly implemented and have a quick return on investment. The connection between the website and email allows the marketer to communicate with customers depending on what they viewed on the website, either through the website or via email.

Personalise SMS: last but not least, SMS is used for transactional communications such as “your package is on its way” and push messages if you’re using an app. These text messages keep clients interested in your brand and foster loyalty, which may lead to advocate customers.

By being aware of all the benefits and options available when using Interaction Studio on Marketing Cloud in conjunction with the service or sales internal departments, you can introduce new digital capabilities into your business. Sales, marketing, and service are three critical areas where Salesforce helps extend those capabilities.

Interaction Studio tool is already used by many businesses, and they are seeing the benefits. Cross-channel marketing has boosted traffic generation, improved personalisation has increased lead conversion, and increased customer retention has raised revenue. Now is the moment to be a customer-centric company.

If you would like to find out more about Interaction Studio, do not hesitate to contact us.

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