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In April, Adobe celebrated the 1st anniversary of the launch of one of their flagship products, Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO). One year on, let’s take a look at where AJO has come from and how it fits within Adobe’s ever-evolving suite of products as well as where it is finding its place amongst the endless options available to Martecheters.

“AJO is built for marketers and customer experience practitioners at brands of all sizes looking to create and intelligently deliver exceptional customer experiences across the entire customer journey”


Complimentary capabilities and native integration

Unlike a number of current Adobe products born out of acquisitions such as Adobe Campaign (Neolane) or Adobe Commerce (Magento), AJO is a completely in-house developed product that’s available as a stand-alone application and built on the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP). What this means is that not only does AJO have minimal capability overlap with other Adobe applications, AJO also natively integrates with wider AEP applications. In doing so, customers can then unlock additional complimentary capabilities.

Adobe Journey Optimizer as part of AEP

Real-time insights in workflows and journey templates

Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (RTCDP) is one such example where when utilising AJO and RTCDP together, companies can realise advanced customer use-cases. RTCDP customers can combine all their B2B/B2C, internal/external, known/unknown data sources into a single unified data format. Not only can customers unify data formats, as their end-customers interact with organisations, RTCDP automatically updates profiles in real-time, aligned to standardised data formats. No need to run those manual update / fix jobs anymore! Not only will RTCDP automatically do this for customers, it will also present updates in a manner where customers can action based on real-time insights.

For B2C customers utilising both RTCDP and AJO together, any updates made or insights reported in RTCDP can be automatically activated through AJO with end-customers receiving personalised content in real-time. Using the AI powered workflows and journey templates within AJO, offer decisioning selects the next best offer based on real-time customer behaviour and delivers to customers via the best channel for each individual.

Learn how AJO can compliment your existing capabilities

One thing that is clear with AJO is that Adobe have designed an application that is agile and scalable, one which is focussed specifically on real-time decisioning and execution across channels. An application that easily integrates into the wider Adobe application offerings in a complimentary manner!

Here at Purple Square, we’re a long-term Adobe partner and early adopters of the Adobe Experience Platform! Our teams are fully certified practitioners and well aware of the potential it holds for all of our clients, from SMB through to Enterprise. If you already hold an Adobe application such as Adobe Campaign, Marketo, Analytics or Assets… reach out to see how AJO can compliment your existing capabilities and enable your organisation to reach new levels of customer personalisation.

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