Adobe Experience Cloud Platform

Adobe Experience Cloud platform, is a comprehensive set of applications, capabilities and services specifically designed to address customers/consumers need for personalised customer experiences at scale. Customers pick which products/packages fit their requirements from the extensive portfolio, with many of the applications fully integrating/working in unison with each other.

Adobe Campaign

Manage email marketing and cross-channel campaigns to engage with customers at scale. Adobe Campaign is a cross channel marketing solution that automates email, mobile, social and offline campaigns, also offering a central place where you can access your customer data and profiles. Here are 8 tips for maintaining performance in Adobe Campaign.

Adobe Journey Optimiser

Orchestrate real-time customer journeys to engage with customers in meaningful ways across the complete customer lifecycle.

Journey Optimiser uses real-time customer insights and engagement – An integrated profile fuses live data from all sources across customer touchpoints, including behavioural, transactional, financial, and operational data to optimise personal and contextual experiences for customers.

Omnichannel orchestration and execution uses a single canvas on which to harmonise and optimise the customer journey for 1:1 customer engagement and marketing outreach. Customer journeys designed in Journey Optimser can be dynamic and event based to help brands react to real-time signals as well as connect those interactions with scheduled campaigns, so the right decisions can be made about what communications to send a customer, when and through what channels.

Intelligent decisioning and personalisation allows organisations to apply centralised decisioning and incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning to surface predictive insights throughout the customer experience, making it easier to automate decisions and optimise the experience at scale. Learn more about Journey Optimiser.

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a content management solution for building websites, mobile apps, and forms.

Integration between Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Manager allows you to manage the content of your email deliveries as well as your forms directly in Adobe Experience Manager. AEM is Campaign V7 & V8 compatible.

You can also directly insert assets from your AEM Assets library while editing an email or a landing page in Adobe Campaign. More information on asset management can be found here: Assets. This allows users to make the most of both AEM’s content editing functionalities as well as Adobe Campaign’s delivery capacities.

Adobe Audience Manager

Adobe Audience Manager is a data management platform that facilitates businesses to collect, segment, and activate customer data across channels and devices. It helps to create a detailed view of customers, allowing them to deliver personalised customer experiences and improve marketing performance. Audience Manager integrates with other Adobe products, such as Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Target as well as third-party tools/platforms for example Google Analytics and Salesforce.

Adobe Audience Manager allows collection of data from various sources such as website analytics, CRM systems, and mobile apps and then segments that data into different audiences, behaviour trends, and interests. These segments can be used to personalise website content, for targeted advertising, and email campaigns.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is a data analysis platform that collects data from multiple digital sources that support the customer journey and provides tools for analysing data. It’s most common use case is to be used by marketers and business analysts for business analytics purposes.

Once the data is collected into Adobe Analytics, marketers and business analysts use reports and data visualisation tools available in the product to perform analysis and tell meaningful stories about the data. It provides various forms of outputs. It could be a segment or audience that is sent to an optimisation tool, like Adobe Target, to run A/B tests. It could be a predictive score to indicate the likelihood of an action by a person that is used by another system for modelling.

Customer Journey Analytics

Customer Journey Analytics is an Analytics capability that lets you use the power of Analysis Workspace with data from Adobe Experience Platform. It can break down, filter, query, and visualise years’ worth of data, and is combined with Platform’s ability to hold all kinds of data schemas and types.

Customer Journey Analytics expands the scope of Adobe Analytics by offering easy to use cross-channel capabilities and removing limitations in previous versions of Adobe Analytics.

Real-time CDP

A customer data platform (CDP) is a software package that consists of a centralised database that has the ability to ingest, integrate, manage, and deliver customer data to other technology solutions in order to personalise the customer experience (CX).

Adobe Real-Time CDP goes beyond the above by connecting actionable, real-time profiles for personalisation at scale and in real-time.

It collects B2C and B2B data from across systems and unifies it into real-time profiles ready for activation across any available channel.

It enables users to quickly load and normalise data for insight and activation use cases.

The customer artificial intelligence functionality empowers users to generate predictions about customer behaviour, facilitating one-to-one experiences at scale.

The Adobe CDP has the ability to complement other Adobe Experience Cloud applications to further augment the customer experience.

Adobe Target

Adobe Target is an Adobe Experience Cloud solution that provides everything you need to tailor and personalise your customers’ experiences. Target helps you maximise revenue on your web and mobile sites, apps, social media, and other digital channels.

There are two package levels available so it is important to understand your businesses requirements/needs to ensure your particular need is met.

Target Standard is the front end to Adobe Target that helps you visually create and manage A/B tests and rules-based targeting activities. Whereas target premium has the bells & whistles for tailoring personalised customer journeys including machine learning capabilities to enhance & augment your automated personalisation customer experiences.

Adobe Workfront

From strategy to delivery, Workfront connects and streamlines your end-to-end workflow with automations, customisable templates, integrated applications, and real-time visibility, so you can deliver more efficiently.

The above gives you an overview of the different modules that you can adopt when using the Adobe Experience Cloud Platform. If you would like more detail as to whether this platform is right for your organisation to adopt, or you have the platform but not using it to is maximum capability, do get in touch! We would be happy to help.

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