Adobe Campaign – are you maximising the platform?

Adobe Campaign is a market-leading, standalone, cross-channel campaign management solution enabling organisations to design, send and report on marketing campaigns across multiple channels. This capability is sufficient for many organisations, however, through integration with other offerings from the Adobe Experience Cloud, even more advanced personalisation, journey management, and analytic capabilities can be unlocked, enhancing functionality and increasing ROI.

“Adobe Experience Cloud – a collection of applications and services built on the first platform specifically designed for unmatched customer experiences, giving you the most comprehensive tools for insights, content, engagement and more”


Here’s a high-level view of some of the Experience Cloud solutions you might want to consider when planning how to take your marketing to the next level.

Customer Journeys

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager combines Content Management and Digital Asset Management.

Facilitating the creation and management of dynamic content across multiple channels helps to streamline the process and increase consistency.

Cloud-native asset management enables the creation, management, and delivery of thousands of assets, and AI can be used to improve efficiency and automate the tagging and cropping of images.

Integrated with Campaign, images are available in the right size for the relevant templates.

Journey Orchestration

Journey Orchestration allows individual journeys to be built for every customer based on their previous behaviours. When integrated with Campaign, triggered messages can be sent as part of the journey. Further integration with Adobe Analytics, enables messages to be triggered from user actions such as click-throughs, page visits, or other session behaviour.

Adobe Target

Adobe Target allows the personalisation of content to specific audiences, across multiple channels. From multivariate testing to choosing the best combination of content on a webpage for a specific audience, to Automated Personalisation, using advanced machine learning to personalise content to an individual based upon their customer profile.

Integrating Adobe Target with Campaign allows for the dynamic presentation of images to a customer at the point of opening the email, ensuring they are seeing the most up-to-date and relevant information.

Insights and Audiences

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics allows for the analysis of both online and offline behaviour to get a full picture of the customer journey.

Web Analytics can help you understand your site visitors and customer engagement better, understanding how they arrived at your site, and the journey they took to get there.

Through integrating Adobe Analytics with Adobe Campaign, personalised emails can be sent to customers in response to specific behaviour displayed on a website tracked by Adobe Analytics.

Additionally, through the integration, the tracking of email campaigns can be enriched by collecting and sharing data from other systems or channels.

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics

Customer Journey Analytics allows you to join all your data from every channel into a single interface, allowing visualisation of customer journeys across multiple channels. Being able to see the actions taken sequentially can contextualise, enabling flow to be analysed and identifying problem areas and bottlenecks, leading to improved journey design, customer retention, and ultimately, ROI.

Adobe Audience Manager

Adobe Audience Manager is a next-generation Data Management Platform (DMP) that works with multiple data sources and channels (PoS, CRM, Web, email, social, etc.) to define audience segments. Attributes from multiple sources can be used to identify and segment audiences.

These audiences can then be imported into Adobe Campaign to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Audiences can also be exported from Adobe Campaign to be used in other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.

Real-time Customer Data Platform (Real-time CDP)

Real-time CDP allows for the streaming ingestion of customer data from multiple data points, updating customer profiles in real-time. These profiles can then be shared with Adobe Campaign (and other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions).

The above is just a high-level view of some of the benefits that can be achieved by integrating Adobe Campaign with other solutions on offer from Adobe Experience Cloud. If you would like to explore these further, then please get in touch.

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